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Welcome to AMS Photography.  Senior Portraits are an important point in a young adult's life.  It signifies their last year in high school and what the future holds. You'll want to capture those moments and remember them for a lifetime.   I'm here to walk you through this process as easily as possible.  Take a moment after reading to download my AMS Senior Portrait Guide.  It contains additional information as well as the costs outlined below.
As with all my shoots, I like to have fun and make each person feel comfortable.  I tend to crack jokes to lighten the mood!  In order to make the shoot as comfortable and fun as possible, I ask the senior themselves to fill out a form (nothing big!) so that I can get to know them a bit ahead of time.  Let's be honest, it may be intimidating going on location with someone you've never met, having them shoot a ton of pictures of you and not talking at all.   On the form is lots of information about me, as well.  Fair is fair.  lol!  Click here to download and/or view the 'Let's Get To Know Each Other' document.  Take a look.  Please know that this is not a mandatory thing, at all.  Whatever is best is my motto.
SESSION FEE: $150 and includes...  
           >  Hour & A Half Shoot Time (on-location)
 > $50 each additional half hour.
    > $50 if location is further than 20 minutes from Studio.
Online Gallery of Photo 
              > Can be viewed via computer or phone
          Yearbook Photo Option
               > If a studio shot is required, this will be done first.
               > Client to provide school specific requirements.
               > CD provided to you to submit to school.

                                                        AMS SENIOR PORTRAIT GUIDE                                                                      
I look forward to hearing from you.